About the Journal

The Journal of Geographical Association of Tanzania (JGAT) is an international journal of Geography. Its main emphasis is on theoretic and methodological debates in balance with recent empirical geographical research. Particular value is set on high-quality research work that applies theories or scientific models in explaining contextual realities. To ensure that JGAT remains credible and reputable, we encourage proper citation, acknowledgement of other’s works, referencing as well as following ethical considerations of academic publications. Authors wishing to submit their paper manuscripts to JGAT MUST adhere to our instructions.

Peer Review Process

Once accepted, each manuscript will be submitted to two reviewers (double blind) who are specialists in the subject matter. Only articles which have conformed to the requirements above will be sent for review. By the same token, the reviewers’ recommendations will provide the basis for the Chief Editor to make an informed decision on the manuscript and indeed to add value on the document once taken on board by the author(s).


Once the paper is accepted for publication, authors should ensure that the final version is edited and error free. Authors will also make sure that the submitted document has all figures numbered correctly, all references are in order, and all other details are in place. This is notwithstanding the fact that one may be asked to do professional language editing or make clarification on the final work before it is finally published.

The articles will be published online as soon as they are ready. They will be openly accessed on the University website under the journal’s name before they are printed on hard copies.